Worldwide National Heritage souvenir coins are sold through specially designed dispensers. 

Coin dispenser has following advantages:

  • Durable, solid, steel housing.
  • Option to chose between 2 different coins
  • Sleek and compact design – customized colours can be obtained.
  • Illuminated top panel - it is engraved with the image on a coin and is clearly visible, even from a distance. Its purpose is to attract potential buyers by displaying an enlarged image of the coin design.
  • Modern equipment and electronics.

The very first coin dispenser was set up at the Atomium in Brussels, in 2002. This dispenser is still operating and it sells about 10 000 coins per year.

Jurmalas monetu automats

In Latvia souvenir coins "Dzintari concert hall" and "Riga Central Market" are sold through coin dispensers.