M blistera iepakojums

Blister card

Blister is a transparent plastic box in size of a coin. Souvenir coin is inserted in the plastic blister and then placed between two cardboard cards. This packaging allows to dilever buyer some additional information. 

M kapsula kartina 2M kapsula kartina 3 Capsule card

Souvenir coin is inserted in a plastic coin capsule and attached to A6 format cardboard card. Coin can be easily removed from packaging and packed  again afterwards. 

M apala kapsula3 Coin capsule

Coin capsule with practical handle rim, scratch resistant. Diameter 31mm. 

M kvadratveida kapsula

Square coin capsule 

Square coin capsule made of high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic. Both capsules and black inserts are chemically inert and free of PVC, acids or softeners. Securely locking, yet easy-to-open. Capsule size: 50 x 50 mm. 

M adas kastite Coin box

High-quality coin box with silk-lined lid and black velvet inlay. A satin ribbon inside the lid can hold a personal message if desired. A sturdy metal frame protects the coin and is covered with matt black leatherette. Suitable for coin in a round or square capsule.

M akrila kastite Coin box with acrylic see-through lid

The high quality scratch resistant transparent lid sets the focus directly on the coin inside.  The black base features a molded insert for one square capsure, as well as four non-slip feet on the bottom. A secure magmnetic lock prevents accidential opening of the box.  Overall size:  80 x 80 x 16mm.

M ramitis

Coin frame

To see the coin from both sides, the frame equipped with a see trough membrane.

LV90maisins 003 M

Coin bag

It is possible to put any souvenir coin in a small velvet or linen bag, which can also be printed. This makes an elegant gift