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Rainis House in Berķenele

Daugavpils district – where sun adorns in South Latvia, where Daugava`s flow stills in picture square circles and goes in a roundabout way, slowly inviting you to find out extraordinary and unexposed nature and cultural values of South Latgale. Rainis House in Berķenele has built as a memorial site for outstanding Latvian poet, translator, master of drama, public and political figure Rainis (1865 – 1929). Rainis parents Krišjānis and Dārta Pliekšāni rented half a manor of Berķenele from 1872 to 1881. Rainis spent his childhood and school-time here. Memories, collected there, are reflected in anthology of poetry "Five Sketch – books of Dagda”, chapter "The Only Scene". A conception of poetical masterpiece was created when Rainis emigrated to Switzerland. Located there, Rainis often mentally revisited his sunny land of childhood. Berķenele - "the only scene" of respected poet - has become a most significant value of cultural heritage in Daugavpils district. Fulfilled with symbols of history, nature and poetry it has become a fount of inspiration for admirers of art and poetry. 

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