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Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko (Marcus Rothkowitz, 1903-1970) was born in Daugavpils, Latvia (then Dvinsk, Russia). In 1913 he moved together with his family to the United States. As one of few artists who a new school of American painting, Mark Rothko became a monumental figure in the 20th century art.
Mark Rothko world-famous artist has „returned” to his home town in 2003 when the city of Daugavpils celebrated his Centenary by series of events: Rothko Room with collection of fine reproductions opened in local museum, the Rothko memorial sign was erected on the Daugava river bank, International symposium “Starting Point” gathered famous art experts. Since 2005 the annual international art workshop takes place in Daugavpils to commemorate Mark Rothko artistic achievements.
The foundation of Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre in 2013 was inspired by the idea to celebrate in the place of his birth, Mark Rothko’s unique accomplishments as an Artist. It will offer opportunity to observe the artist’s development and to see his paintings, kindly provided for show by Kate Rothko Prizel and Chistopher Rothko. The Centre is located in historical area of the Daugavpils Fortress in the spectacular site of the Artillery Arsenal building.
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