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The city was first mentioned in the historical chronicles in 1275, when on the site of a Latgalian wooden castle the Livonian Order started building a stone castle – Dinaburg. In 1561, following the collapse of the Livonian Order, Dinaburg became the centre of the Polish province of Inflanty and acquired its own coat of arms. In 1577, the army of the Tsar of Russia, Ivan the Terrible, ravaged Dinaburg, and a new castle was built 19 km away from the old castle, on the current site of Daugavpils Fortress. In 1582, the Polish King Stefan Batory granted it city rights. 
Throughout the ages and under different rulers, the city has changed its name several times: Dinaburg, Borisoglebsk, Dvinsk, after the establishment of the Republic of Latvia - Daugavpils. 
Today it is the second largest city in Latvia and becomes a modern centre of economic growth, education, science, culture, and services in the Eastern Baltic region. Citizens and guests of the city feel comfortable in Daugavpils. 
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