Moneta Bokslafs

Wilhelm Bockslaff

The Baltic German architect, Wilhelm Ludvig Nicholas Bockslaff (12.10.1858-09.03.1945) was famous for his eclectic, art nouveau and functionalism style shape design buildings. 
In 1885, W.L.N. Bockslaff graduated from Riga Polytechnic School and started his career as an architect. 
In 1898, W. Bockslaff designed apartment buildings at 6 Kaļķu Street, in 1901, English Sailor Club at 11 Pils Street, and the Jaunmoku Castle, which was built for the mayor of Riga, George Armitsted as a hunting castle; in 1902: the Stock Exchange commercial school, currently the building of Academy of Arts; in 1903: the administrative building of Big Guild and apartment building at 4 Amatu Street; water tower in 10 Alīses Street, in 1907: Leitner bicycle factory at 139 Brīvības Street; in 1912: the bank building at 6 Smilšu Street; in 1928: Rubber Factory "Kvadrāts". 
In 1907, the architect started designing works for the Mālpils Manor, which was burnt down in 1905; the work continued until 1911. The architect created the image of the building as it can be seen today. 
In honor of the 150 birthday of the architect, in October 12, 2008, at the garden of Mālpils Manor, upon request by the Plauži family, a monument of V.Bockslaff, created by the sculptor Gļebs Panteļejevs, was established.

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