Moneta Riga Norrkoping

Riga - Norrköping, twin cities

Riga and Norrköping (Sweden) oficially became twin cities on November 16, 1988 with the cooperation agreement mutually signed in Norrköping. 
This agreement has been renewed and improved for several times, adding a detailed cooperation plan every year. In 1999 a wide seminar „Riga and Norrköping 1989-2009" took place in Riga, marking the past 20 years of cooperation. In honour of this event the book „Riga un Norcepinga kopsoli. 1989 - 1999" was published. 
Anniversary events dedicated to 20 years of cooperation and signing of the new Riga and Norrköping cooperation agreement took place in Riga on March 12, 2009.

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