Why should you create your own Latvian Heritage collectors coin*?

  • Project „Heritage on a Coin" is an opportunity to promote the international recognition of your object/place. Information about all the collection coins is published and maintained on the project website www.nationaltokens.com, including a description of the object/place that is depicted on the coin.
  • Souvenir coin is a unique souvenir, which can be purchased at a location that is represented on the coin. Relatively low price and visually appealing design makes it a very attractive purchase.
  • Souvenir coins are popular worldwide, beacause it is a great alternative to commemorative coins issued by national banks. Commemorative coins are usually approximately 10 times more expensive.
  • Souvenir coin sales figures show that at average 3 – 5% of visitors purchase a souvenir coin. This is a great opportunity for tourist attraction sites to earn some extra money.
  • Blister card is a conveient option to display additioan information about the object/place directly on the packaging.
  • Souvenir coin dispenser attracts attention of potential buyers and therefore increases sales. 

These are the main reasons why you should make your tourism object special and make your own Latvian Heritage collectors coin

* National Heritage souvenir coins cannot be used as a means of payment